Tape products for corrugated board industry

Lemtapes is a manufacturer of tape products, which are used
 in the corrugated board industry to reinforce cardboard boxes and to ease the opening of packages.

Carton Tape

Carton Tape is a thin tape for reinforcing cardboard packaging effectively and imperceptibly. Carton Tape reinforces packages and reduces the amount of other material needed for packaging.

Carton Tape reinforces the structure of corrugated board used to make cartons. Invisible reinforcement is typically needed for integrated carry handles or the edges of cartons.

Carton Tape has a thin layer of hot melt adhesive on the surface. During the manufacturing process, Carton Tape is fed under the top layer of the corrugated board.

Carton Tape is available for use with different hot melt softening points. There is also a choice of widths. Consequently, the right kind of tape can be found in the range for each application and process heat. Lemtapes new Carton Tape Slim has more length per roll which results into less changes and more machine time on full speed. Carton Tape is packed on rolls that fit the majority of tape dispensers.