Tape products for corrugated board industry

Lemtapes is a manufacturer of tape products, which are used
 in the corrugated board industry to reinforce cardboard boxes and to ease the opening of packages.

Open Tape

Open Tape offers easy and knife-free opening of packages that are made of corrugated board, and enables a high-quality and efficient production of Retail-Ready packages. Open Tape can also be used as reinforcement tape.

Open Tape splits at any point of its width. The opening position can be adjusted with a cut or perforation. With Open Tape you have more choices with print design and with production placement accuracy.

Open Tape is fed on the surface of corrugated board during the cardboard manufacturing process. The process heat enables the tape to adhere quickly and firmly. Lemtapes Open Tape can be used in packaging alone or together with Lemtapes Carton Tape to ensure clean tear lines.

The tape rolls come with splices to facilitate roll changeovers – a roll that is running low can be changed to a full one without stalling or slowing down the corrugated board machine. Open Tape is available
 in several different widths to meet all the customer needs and requirements.