Hot melt strings and tapes for the plywood and furniture industries

Lemtapes manufactures and sells string and tape products used in the plywood and furniture industries. The product range includes zig-zag hot melt strings that are used for composing interior veneer sheets in the furniture and plywood industries, and hot melt strings and tapes that have applications in plywood manufacture when ‘intermediate’ veneer jointing is carried out. Lemtapes also sells polyester strings and hot melt adhesives to plywood factories for ‘intermediate’ veneer jointing.

Strings and Hot Melt Adhesives

Lemtapes also sells polyester string and hot melt adhesives for veneer composing in the plywood industry. They are suitable for Cremona and Hashimoto composers.

The hot melt adhesives are EVA-based and their attributes include flexibility, fast bonding and outstanding adhesion to wooden surfaces. The hot melts are available in clear and brown colours. The hot melts are supplied in granular form, in 20 kg bags.

The characteristics of the polyester strings include high resistance and outstanding spreadability. This ensures the largest possible gluing area and good adhesion to the plywood. Polyester strings are mainly supplied on pallets.